About Us

My name is Kelly and together with my wonderful team we are PaybackGift. We started PaybackGift to serve the Buddhist and Meditation community by working directly with artists and manufacturers all across the world to bring you beautiful handmade jewelry products and accessories. 

We at PaybackGift create and source meaningful, encouraging jewelry pieces to positively inspire and enliven the human spirit. Offering an assortment of jewelry pieces, from symbolic malas and positive energy gemstones to powerful zodiac charms, our mission is to help you live a fulfilling life with intention. We think creatively, design originally, and sell affordably. Our selection of enchanting jewelry combines modern designs with the beliefs and teachings of spiritual benefactors, enlightening altruists, and ascetic sages.

We offer our clients a wearable reminder of their own spirit, life's journey, roots, and passions. We create heart-warming pieces that are a reflection of your dreams and how you wish your life could be. We, at PaybackGift, love making people happy and we take great pride in helping others. Being devoted to the well-being of others, we are proud beyond words to donate a portion of our sales to a new charity each month. Isn't it wonderful that we all share great passion and immense love for the well-being of our humanity, our planet, and our prosperity!

Why Shop With Us?

  • A large collection of empowering jewelry pieces
  • Monthly discount offerings
  • Weekly inspiration blogs and tips on living well and living positively
  • Fast and secure shipping
  • Free e-book on Buddhism and Meditation
  • Educational e-mails
  • Excellent customer service
  • A portion of each sale is donated to our Charity Of The Month

Our meditation beads, artistic jewelry, and good-intention gifts will awaken your mind, revive your body, and inspire happiness.

Each product we carry should serve as a beautiful reminder to stay grounded in life's most wonderful and cherished moments... the present.





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