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Mantras to Balance Your Chakras - Cheat Sheet!


Mantras to Balance Your Chakras

Root Chakra: "I am stable, strong, and at peace".

Envision a red orb at the base of your spine. Feel the energy at the base of your spine shift as you repeat the mantra. Known to be a Root Chakra stone, Red Agate can help with emotional, physical, and intellectual balance.

Sacral Chakra: "Creativity is flowing through me".

Envision a glowing orange ball in the lower abdominal area, the center of your creativity. Whether or not you believe you have artistic abilities, recognize you can open yourself to creativity. As you repeat the mantra, feel the energy shift in the lower abdomen. Orange Carnelian is known to be a stone of the Sacral Chakra because it encourages feeling, sensuality, and intimacy.

Solar Plexus Chakra: "Sometimes letting go is the most empowering choice".

First, envision and honor what you’ve been grasping. It has served a purpose in your life. Now, allow it, and all its related stories, to float away. This mantra reminds us, sometimes letting go is the best solution. Citrine is a type of quartz and it stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra which intensifies personal power and energy.

Heart Chakra: "Giving equals receiving".

Visualize a green orb at your sternum. The heart chakra is your center of love, giving and forgiving. Imagine yourself standing next to a tree.With the inhalation, you receive the clean air that the tree filtered. With your exhalation, you give that same tree the carbon dioxide it needs to thrive. Breathe, repeat the mantra, and feel the energy shift in your chest. Green Aventurine is known to represent the Heart Chakra, which creates a sense of connection with all living things and provides an overwhelming feeling of love.

Throat Chakra: "My words are like seeds".

Envision a turquoise orb spinning at your throat. The fifth chakra is your center of communication. ­This mantra reminds you that you have the power and the choice to plant beautiful ideas. If you plant loving, kind, inspiring words, they will grow into the beautiful stories of your life. Aquamarine is known to be a Throat Chakra stone because it promotes acceptance and the use of your authentic voice.

Third-Eye Chakra: "I am open to new ideas".

The sixth chakra, the wisdom center, is what guides you through your life. Inhale. Recite this mantra with each exhalation and feel the energy start to shift. How would it feel to try a new path, or to break an old habit or routine? Lapis Lazuli is known to represent the Third Eye Chakra, which honors psychic energy and allows you to create a deeper connection with your inner self and become more mindful and present.

Crown Chakra: "I surrender to the highest and best that seeks to emerge through me".

The Crown Chakra is the energy center that connects you to the divine. Envision a violet orb spinning above the top of your head. Often confused with giving up or weakness, surrendering can actually be a sign of great wisdom and strength, and can bring tranquility. Inhale and exhale very slowly and deeply through the nose. Acknowledge yourself for breaking routine, trying this new practice of mantra meditation, and inviting balance to your chakra system and your life. Amethyst represents the Crown Chakra and helps to clear the mind of negativities and raises your hopes and self-awareness.

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2 Responses

Michelle Apuzzo
Michelle Apuzzo

November 15, 2017

Great information. I will certainly use this often!!

Sheila Daniel
Sheila Daniel

November 15, 2017

Great … this is something I will keep and use …thanks so much for sending ❤️

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