3 Reasons to Love January

January 23, 2017

3 Reasons to Love January

From holiday gifts, to snow-covered streets and unique winter activities, January is the most picturesque month of the year. The atmosphere is truly enchanting, cozy restaurants serve warm drinks, and we spend our days indulging in holiday candy. New Year's parties are over, mornings are stress-free, and the large sales finally begin. Here are my top 3 reasons why January should be everyone's favorite month of the year:

  1. Fun winter activities! Although the weather can be cold and frightful, we can still have a blast by building a snowman, going sledding, catching snowflakes with our tongues (yummy!), and making snow angels. It's time to hit the outdoors and try ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding.
  2. Huge sales! I repeat, huge sales ahead! Window shopping is over and now we can all go and buy ourselves not just comfy socks and flannel pajamas, but also gift bags, furniture items, designer clothes, books, or decorations.
  3. Awards season everyone! The Critics’ Choice Awards, The Golden Globes, The Baftas. January is glamorous indeed. 

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